Residential Structural Engineering for Homeowners on Long Island, NY

AS Engineering Services assists Long Island homeowners in evaluating your home for the purpose of renovations and can develop full architectural and structural plans for any renovations you might be considering. These include additions, removing load bearing walls and constructing a second story. ASES can evaluate the issues, determine the cause and recommend solutions.

Structural Issues and Modifications

ASES Homeowner Engineering Services - Modifications

Structural Issues and Modifications.

AS Engineering Services (ASES) offers exceptionally cost-effective engineering services direct to homeowners. Whether you believe you have a structural issue in your home (perhaps you see cosmetic cracks or sagging) or you are planning to make structural modifications (remove a wall, etc.), ASES can provide you with a professional structural engineering evaluation to ensure you protect what is likely the largest single investment you have ever made, as well full architectural and structural plans.


Suspected Structural Issues

  • Have you noticed items in your home that make you less than confident in its structural integrity?
  • Do you see cracks in the walls or ceiling joints that you never noticed before?
  • Do your floors seem to slope one way or the other?
  • Do you have moisture issues in your basement?

Some of these issues could be simply cosmetic details from the house settling or minor lumber expansion and contraction caused by temperature or moisture changes. BUT, they could also indicate major issues that could undermine the structural integrity of your home. The only way to be sure is to have a licensed professional engineer evaluate the issues, determine the cause and recommend solutions. ASES can provide these services for you cost-effectively and recommend practical, common sense solutions that don’t have to break the bank.



  • Are you planning to renovate your home?
  • Are you thinking it would be more practical to remove that wall to expand your kitchen or bathroom?
  • Have the kids moved out and you want to combine two small bedrooms into one larger den or office?

Before you break out the sledgehammer, contact ASES to ensure that’s not a load-bearing wall holding up the second floor or the roof. No matter what renovations you may be planning, ensure they won’t weaken or undermine the structural integrity of your home. Contact ASES today for a professional structural engineering evaluation of your intended renovations. ASES can recommend low-cost, practical solutions that can save you money and time.