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For those considering the sale or purchase of commercial property, enlisting commercial property inspection services conducted by a seasoned, licensed engineer is crucial to avoid unforeseen issues during or following the transaction.

If you’re selling, you want to remedy any potential issues to get the most for your property before your buyers discover them.

If you’re buying, you want to make sure you have no surprises and you get what you’re paying for.

Commercial Building Inspections For Buyers and Sellers

Buying a commercial building is probably the largest investment your company will ever make. The building where you and your employees will work will have a huge impact on the profitability of your business. One structural issue could put the health and safety of you and your employees at risk. Repairing or remediating a structural issue could shut down your business temporarily, or permanently, disrupting your revenue-generating capabilities and your and your employees’ income.

You will live with this decision for years to come, so you need to know ahead of time what issues may arise in the future.

AS Engineering’s team of experienced structural engineers will carefully inspect your building and document any potential issues so you can move forward with remediation or the sale knowing full well what’s what. This one inspection could be the difference between safely, comfortably and profitably running your business or sink the business in the proverbial “money pit” of repairs.

Commercial Building Inspections For Owners

Do you have a specific structural concern about your existing building? Does something not seem right or appear to be failing and you need to know if it is undermining the structural integrity of your building? AS Engineering Services can inspect and assess your areas of concern and fully document any structural issues we uncover. We can even help you design a solution to repair or remediate the issue.

In structural issues, time is of the essence. Structural issues never get better by themselves; they only get worse, and the repairs get more expensive as the damage increases. Contact AS Engineering Services for your commercial building inspection services today at 631-560-0259 and put your mind at ease and sleep better at night knowing it’s all under control