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As a leading structural engineering firm, AS Engineering Services provides comprehensive industry solutions for the design, analysis, and assessment of buildings and infrastructure.


We provide targeted engineering solutions for every project stage, from detailed designs to thorough evaluations and personalized consulting. Learn how our practical expertise and modern technology can help you achieve your project goals. See our services listed below for more information.

commercial structural engineering

Structural Engineering Services

Offering global planning and construction support, our expertise ensures efficient and safe project execution, providing comprehensive services for diverse needs in the built environment.

residential structural engineering

Residential Structural Engineering Services

Evaluate and adapt commercial structures for new uses. Our services include inspections, evaluations, and repair recommendations.


Commercial Building Inspections Services

Engineers ensure building integrity for buyers, sellers, and owners, offering detailed issue documentation for informed decisions and prevention of surprises.

Commercial Structural Engineering Facade Inspection

Cladding and Façade Evaluations

ASES evaluates, and recommends repairs for complex building envelopes, preventing costly failures. Licensed engineer inspections safeguard investments for current and future owners.

specialty steel

Specialty Steel Engineering for Buildings

Ensure precise design and construction of items like staircases, railings, and facade elements, meeting rigorous standards for functionality and aesthetics.

Our Engineering Projects

About AS Engineering Services, P.C. 

AS Engineering Services , your trusted partner for swift, high-quality engineering solutions. With over two decades of experience and licensed engineers operating nationwide, we guarantee personalized and efficient service under the leadership of President Alex Spyrou. Choose us for unparalleled value and expertise in meeting your engineering needs.

New York and Florida Locations

Located in New York and Florida providing engineering services for both new construction and renovation projects for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential construction projects. If you are looking for a structural engineering solution for your commercial, industrial, institutional or residential structure, we have the engineering services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

“We have worked with AS Engineering Services on multiple projects and they’ve done such an outstanding job that we’ve had no reservations referring them to our clients. They provide cost-effective solutions and thorough drawings that minimize questions from everyone involved during construction. They always meet their deadlines, which helps keep our jobs on schedule and on budget. You can’t go wrong working with ASES.”

Robert Peterson, AIA, , Core Group Architects

A.S. Engineering Services, P.C. is an engineering company dedicated to delivering high-quality commercial engineering services promptly and affordably. With a decade of expertise, we’ve successfully completed nearly 1,000 projects, ranging from large commercial buildings to intricate private residences. Join our esteemed clientele, including architects, developers, contractors, and municipalities, and let ASES be your trusted structural engineering firm for excellence.


  • Nightingale School, New York, NY
  • 30 Stewart, Huntington, NY
  • St. Gerards, Port Jefferson Station, NY
  • Private Residence, East Hampton, NY
  • Atlantic Avenue Hotel, Brooklyn, NY
  • Fire Island Private Residence, Fire Island, NY
  • Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club, Locust Valley, NY
  • Private townhome renovations, Brooklyn, NY
  • Gold Coast Private Residence, Sands Point, NY
  • Marina Point, East Rockaway, NY
  • Overbay, Port Jefferson, NY


  • McAlpine House
  • Isaac-Rae Studio
  • Core Group Architecture
  • GRCH Architecture
  • G-Net Construction Services
  • Sackman Enterprises
  • G2D Development
  • Cocozza Group
  • Osso Architecture
  • Mike Macrina Architect
  • West Hampton Architectural Glass
  • SDS Development
  • Tom Kowalski Architect
  • Streamline Construction
  • Steel Equities
  • Iron Bridge Consulting
  • Sarah Jeffries Architecture and Interior Design
  • Mike Macrina Architect
  • West Hampton Architectural Glass
  • SDS Development
  • Tom Kowalski Architect
  • Streamline Construction
  • Steel Equities
  • Iron Bridge Consulting
  • Sarah Jeffries Architecture and Interior Design


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