Cladding and Façade Evaluations

ASES is fully experienced with complex systems, evaluations and repairs, inspections, and reviews.

Building Envelopes are Complex Systems

A building envelope must provide protection from all external elements, including moisture, air and temperature extremes. Hundreds and thousands of individual components and systems are involved and must work together to maintain the structural and environmental integrity of the entire building envelope or façade. One small defect in one small piece of the integrated pie, can cause catastrophic failure of the entire envelope system.

Evaluation and Repair Recommendations

ASES is pleased to offer building envelope and façade evaluation and repair recommendations for current and future building owners. ASES experience with building envelope and façade systems can help you spot these minor issues before they become an expensive catastrophic failure to help protect your investment within the building.


Whether you’re a current building owner concerned with the integrity of your building envelope and façade or you are a future owner thinking of purchasing a building and would like an inspection prior to the sale, a call to ASES could protect your investment today and in the future. With the information from a proper inspection from a licensed engineer familiar with building envelope and cladding systems, you can protect yourself and your business.

Thorough Review

ASES approach to building envelope evaluation repair projects involves a thorough review of the essential components that comprise a building—including roof and wall systems, structural frames, windows, doors and foundations – providing you with peace of mind.