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ASES Services for Code Development

ASES Services for Code Development

ASES offers a number of Code Services, from working with local building departments to preparing Code Reports for the International Code Council-Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) or the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials  (IAMPO). On this page we detail our services with local building departments.



ICC-ES and IAMPO Report Packages

ASES has intricate experience working with both ICC-ES and IAMPO and will assist you in preparing ICC-ES Report packages that can include, but are not limited to:

  • Component Calculations
  • Code Compliance Calculations
  • Report Drawings
  • Determination of Required Testing and Submittal Information
  • Communicating and Liaising with the Applicable Code Body as Required to Obtain the Report Approval


Building Codes

Meeting multiple, constantly evolving building codes is easily one of the most challenging areas for any building trades professional. Left to interpretation by individual building officials, leave the architect, designer, general contractor or other building trade manager regularly frustrated by “the building codes”.


ASES will draw up the plans and create the appropriate engineering drawings that will illustrate the proper construction calculations, details and connections to meet the appropriate building code and speed your project through the building department to get your permits and get you on to doing what you do best.


Building Codes Experience

ASES works and lives in the building codes every day and it has been an integral part of our daily lives for over 20 years. It is our job to know the code inside and out. We have decades of experience working with building codes from California to Florida and Maine to Texas. We consult with International Building Code officials on a national and international basis and with individual municipality’s building code officials and inspectors as a regular part of our business day. While it may sometimes seem like it, building departments are not “out to get you”. They exist to protect you and the building owner and its occupants and ensure that the safety of the community that will use your building is paramount.

We Understand You … and Them!

To navigate the often murky waters of the building codes, you need a professional who is familiar with the building codes in any area in which you may be working. You wouldn’t try to operate on yourself or hire a foot doctor to perform open heart surgery; why try to “fight city hall” yourself? ASES understand the building code official’s priorities, its goals and its role in the building process and can tolk to then in their language to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible

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