Engineering Services for Architects Long Island, NYC & U.S.A.


ASES Architectural Design Services

AS Engineering Services provides design and drafting services for architects on Long Island, NYC and throughout the U.S. We develop complete structural drawings and specifications for any number of projects including residential custom homes, master plans for trac builders; commercial buildings such as office buildings, multi-use building, multi-family residential buildings; institutional buildings such as schools and churches; and industrial buildings.  Our services can encompass new construction or renovations to any of the above building types.  We are familiar with all conventional building materials including wood, steel, concrete, cold formed steel and masonry and several non-conventional building materials such as aluminum and structural insulated panels.

Our Architectural Engineering Services

  • Design and drafting services
  • Complete structural drawings and specifications
  • Residential custom homes
  • Master plans for trac builders
  • Commercial buildings (office buildings, multi-use buildings, multi-family, residential buildings)
  • Institutional buildings (schools, churches)
  • Industrial buildings
  • New construction
  • Renovations
  • All conventional building materials (wood, stew, concrete, cold formed steel, masonry)
  • Non-conventional building materials (aluminum, structural insulated panels)

Core Competencies

One of ASES core competencies and areas of intense experience is architectural building envelope façade and cladding technologies for all industries. ASES helps engineer outstanding cladding technologies for the building industry that support architects, designers and fabricators of exterior building envelopes to make the designer’s vision a reality. No matter what your Building Envelope Cladding or Façade Structural Engineering challenge, ASES has the engineering expertise to evaluate it, define it, propose solutions and ultimately implement the best structural engineering solution for you.

Building Envelope and Façade

One of AS Engineering Services (ASES) core competencies and areas of intense experience is architectural building envelope cladding technologies for all industries.

Cladding and Façade Evaluations

ASES has experience with evaluations, repairs, inspections, and reviews of architectural building envelope cladding systems.

Residential & Commercial Building Design

Building design is one of the expertise of AS Engineering Services.